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07722 361 589 [email protected]

Clothes repairs



Clothes Repairs and Alterations

My Passion

Sewing has always been something I love to do. I first learnt to sew when I was at school many moons ago. Although I’ve known how to sew for a good few years, I only decided to do it as a serious business a few years ago (you know, life get’s in the way) but I’m so glad I did. I’m based in Sutton Surrey. As a seamstress I carry out repairs and alterations on clothing, curtains, soft furnishing and most anything made of material. Always aware of the customers’ requirements I aim to complete all work with the greatest of care and with a professional finish. If you require fast turn around on an item I will do my best to assist whilst ensuring the quality of the work is not compromised.

I may have almost 30 years experience in sewing but I don’t know everything. Continuing to learn is great for the mind and it keeps my job fresh and interesting.

Need advice or assistance with your clothing adjustments. Just ask!

I’m not afraid to bend over backwards for my customers.


It's all about you!







Replace header tape

need your jeans repaired

Small repairs FROM £4.50

Prefer Shorter Trousers

short trous new


Shorten/lengthen from £11.00

Shorten/lengthen (turn-ups) from £14.00

Shorten/lengthen with vents from £14.00

Let out or take in waist from £12.00

Taper from £17.00

New zip from £12.00

Re-seat from £8.50

Stitch crease down legs from £6.00

Need your shirt altered


shirts and blouses

Shorten sleeves (without cuffs) from £12.00

Shorten sleeves (with cuffs)  from £19.50

Taper sleeves from £15.00

Shorten body from £12.00

Tailor from £16.00

Turn collar from £13.00

Turn cuffs from £20.00

Add darts from £14.00

Need your dress shortened


dresses and skirts

New zip from £15.00

Shorten/lengthen from £12.00

Shorten/lengthen (pleats no lining) from £15.50

Alter waist from £14.00

Shorten straps from £11.00

Add darts from £14.00

Need your jacket altered


jackets and coats

Shorten with lining no vent from £17.00

Shorten with lining and vent from £28.00

Shorten without lining from £15.00

Shorten/lengthen sleeves (with false button holes and vents) from £26.00

Shorten/lengthen sleeves (Plain with lining) from £15.00

New zip from £25.00

Take in arms from £15.00

Make new half pocket from £8.50 each

Tailor from £25.00

Your friends suit doesn’t fit well?

Get him to give me a shout

Happy customers

Excellent customer service! Rapid turnaround!


N Kalinin (Google)

The alterations on 2 pairs of jeans were absolutely perfect. Friendly, professional service with a good turnaround time, Honestly couldn’t recommend highly enough.


P Banfield (Google)


Friendly and good service, she turned my sweater dress that looked like a night dress into a wearable item..Really pleased.

S Sullivan (Google)

Hits every hole with a Punch!


P Jackson (Google)

Safety First!

I’m sure we all wish that COVID-19 would miraculously disappear because all restrictions are removed but sadly that’s not going to happen.

COVID-19 is still raging and is still dangerous to many so to ensure the safety of my customers and all, if you require a fitting when you attend your appointment, please ensure you wear a face covering (unless you are exempt) and sanitise your hands before entry. Please call, text or email to book an appointment.

There will be hand sanitiser available if you wish to use it at any time.

A maximum of 2 people should attend your appointment unless it is for a group of not more than 3 people.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late without notice, I may need to rebook your appointment as I need to stick to timings very carefully to ensure appointments don’t overlap.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


Now let's get stitching


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